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Here are the Top 10 Reasons “Why More Sellers Switch to The WiseCat!”

1. Listings Never Expire – Listings Always Sell!
They are 100% successful with every Listing (Howard Chase)

2. Innovative, Aggressive + Hungry
“This is not something they do to pass the time. They are very serious about what they do! …and they are very good at it!” (Jean-Marc Rousseau)

3. Most Effective + Inventive Marketing Campaigns!
“They truly have this real estate thing down to a science!!” (Dr. Amar Rajadhyaksha)

4. Increased Exposure For My Property
“More people see my home every week compared to that other guy!” (James Rybaski)

5. Business Savvy + Experience
“They’re not just Realtors, they are very smart business professionals!!” (Frederic Nguyen)

6. Excellent Negotiation Skills
“If it wasn’t for their negotiation skills we would never had gotten that extra $100,000” (Dana Bianco)

7. Full Time / All The Time
“The WiseCat is always on 24/7” (Scott Hackmeyer)

8. Two Heads are Better Than 1
“They truly are a great Team that compliment each other tremendously!” (Jason Beukema and Carelí Campos)

9. Respectful of My Time
“I always feel like I am in control… and I love that!” (Joseph Iacono)

… and the #10 reason why you should hire The WiseCat to sell your home:

10. “If I don’t sell your home, my husband won’t let me buy a pair of new shoes!! (Josette Wys-Katz)

Fun to work with and very serious at what they do, their philosophy can be summed up by this single client testimonial:“The WiseCat has that NYC business mentality and work ethic working 24/7 @ 500mph while everyone else is “mañana, mañana, mañana!” (Ethan Gordon)

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