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10 Reasons You Should Buy a Smart Lock

May 22, 2018

The WiseCat Loves Smart Locks – but not any kind of Smart Lock.  In addition to saving you money, here are 10 really good reasons for homeowners, renters, and real estate investors to add one to your home today:

No more keys to deal with

One of the key (no pun intended) attributes of a smart lock is its ability to be locked and unlocked without using a traditional key. No more digging around in pockets and purses—instead you just punch in a “secret” code to disengage the lock. This feature is particularly useful for kids arriving home from school. Some locks are able to recognize the Bluetooth signal from your smartphone to unlock the door.

Track who has entered and exited

Each person in your family can be assigned his or her own entry code. You can view a log via an app that comes free with most smart locks to monitor who entered or exited the home and when. Did your teenage daughter come home after curfew? You can see exactly when she unlocked the door for proof.

Grant temporary access and be alerted of guests arrival + departure

One of the biggest hassles of homeownership  is dealing with maintenance issues. Hustling home from work to let in the repairman is disruptive to your day. With a smart lock you can assign the repairman, painter, babysitter, out of town guests, whoever,  a temporary access code. You can select a specific activation and deactivation day and time for the code; for example, the code used by your dog walker could be set to only work between the hours of noon and 2, Monday through Friday.

Via Wi-Fi you can receive an alert on your smartphone when the lock is disengaged and engaged both guests with temporary access and members of the household with full-time access.

More secure than a traditional lock

Smart locks are noted as being “unpickable,” and manufacturers have incorporated technologies that make the locks virtually tamper-proof.

Looks better than the lock you have now

You can spruce up the exterior of your house in seconds by swapping the old-fashioned mechanical lock with a sleek, touchscreen-style door lock.

They are now more affordable

Priced at around $250, a smart lock is an affordable investment that will last for years to come.

You can install one yourself

Many smart locks are designed to be installed by handy homeowners. You can add one at your leisure and take pride in the fact that tackled this home improvement project yourself.

Enjoy the convenience of digital delivery services

Amazon shook things up this holiday season by introducing a special delivery service to Prime members that granted delivery people access to a temporary code on a smart lock so they could deposit packages safely inside your home. Expect this trend to continue with other retailers joining the bandwagon.

It can also control lights, thermostats, and more

A smart lock can and in most cases should be the cornerstone of a complete home control system. Its status (locked or unlocked) can signal other devices—like thermostats and lights—to adjust accordingly. Smart products in your house can also react based on the access code that was entered.

You can lock up your house via voice command

For anyone who regularly forgets to lock the door before getting into bed, the ability to lock the door via voice command is a huge convenience. You can also do this via a mobile app, but by voice is virtually effortless. Manufacturers are increasingly adding this capability to their locks.

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