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Best Place to Grab a Drink in Miami Beach

I know, I know we already told you about some awesome places near Miami Beach to grab a drink. But, here’s are take on the best places to grab a drink in Miami Beach for varying occasions. Miami Beach residents are lucky that there are many options for dining out and grabbing a drink. There is a place to accommodate any of your desires, whether you are looking to catch up with friends, celebrate, or chill on your own. Take a look at our list of best places to grab a drink Miami Beach, and let us know if your favorite place made it on our list.

Radio Bar South Beach

wise cat - radio bar south beach

Miami Beach residents looking for a quick drink should check out Radio Bar South Beach. This no-frills spot offers great beers and mixed drinks. Be a little adventurous and steer away from your go to drink, and try something new. Radio Bar’s signature, seasonal cocktails such as the Radio Mule made with Stoli Gold Vodka, blueberry mint reduction, lime, and ginger beer is a great choice. Another fun option is The ICE T made with Hennessy VS, fresh lemon, wild flower honey, and house black tea blend. I must warn you though, people who intend on grabbing a quick drink, oftentimes end up drinking, dancing, and playing pool until the sun comes up. Can’t say I didn’t warn you.


Wise Cat Realtors - Mangoes South Beach

I know, you’re going to say that Mangos South Beach is a cheesy tourist trap. But, give it a chance! It doesn’t hurt to head on over to Ocean Drive and party like a vacationer, does it? I think not! Get your drink on and dance the night away, or catch a great live dance show. Mangos offers many fruity tropical drinks, but they are most famous for their Mojitos. Mangos offers over 15 varieties of mojitos, which just happens to be the signature drink of Miami. Patrons of Mangos love the Mango Mojito made with Bacardi Mango, mint leaves, sugar, fresh lime juice, a splash of soda, and topped with Island Oasis Mango. Another patron favorite is the Pineapple Mojito made Bacardi Pineapple Rum, mint leaves, sugar, fresh lime juice, and topped with pineapple juice and a splash of soda. Get ready to party-like an out-of-towner; you’ll thank me later for the staycation.


Juvia South Beach - Wise Cat Realtors

Juvia is an ultramodern, roof-top bar that features awesome views of South Beach. This high-end restaurant/bar offers great food and amazing drinks. If you’re looking to celebrate that promotion or the end to a great week, Juvia is the place for you. Juvia’s signature cocktails feature interesting ingredients leading to unique-named cocktails. Patrons love Hurricane Juvia, which is made with Facundo Eximo rum, Rumhaven, Velvet Falernum, lime, orange, vanilla syrup, and allspice bitters. Another patron favorite is the Pacha Mama Spritz, which is made with Ocucaje Pisco, lime juice, strawberry puree, and prosecco. So, when you want to live that glitzy South Beach life, head on over to Juvia and celebrate life.

If you are interested in living the Miami Beach lifestyle, and would like to frequent places that we mentioned, let me help you find the perfect Miami Beach condo or Miami Beach home to meet your needs. Contact me at, so we can begin the search.

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