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Miami + Miami Beach Mid Year Trend Analysis

Former Stock Broker and Hedge Fund Manager's Analysis of various Miami Real Estate Markets

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Best South Beach condos to live in this summer 2017

800 S. Pointe Drive #2003

This South Beach condo has an amazing terrace and beautiful view. This is a great South Beach condo for the summer because the unit overlooks the bay and part of the city, creating a destination right outside. The glass railing lets more light in and provides a clear view. The terrace receives sun and shade throughout the day, which is a great space for summer meals and relaxing no matter the time of day. Inside, there’s a great kitchen and plenty of shade to escape the hot days of summer. There’s great flow, and with three bedrooms and three baths, this South Beach condo is perfect for a small family or sharing with roommates.

100 S. Pointe Drive #TH4

Best South Beach condos to live in this summer 2017

For a luxurious patio, look no further than this South Beach condo. This three bedroom, four bath condo has two outdoor patios that provide enough space for hosting parties or spreading out to soak up the sun. With amazing ocean and bay views this outdoor patio is a summer destination and truly completes the home experience. Inside there’s plenty of space to take the party inside with an open layout and open kitchen with bar. There’s great flow in this South Beach condo, making it a great summer option for hosting friends, having parties, and enjoying the summer sun.

450 Alton Road #2507-1

Best South Beach condos to live in this summer 2017

If you’re looking to enjoy an urban summer, this South Beach condo in South of Fifth is a great choice. Located in the residential building, Icon, this 3,185 square foot condo comes with amazing resort style amenities and a gorgeous elevated view. The wrap around balcony offers panoramic views of South Beach, the ocean, the bay, and downtown Miami. The condo has a very modern design and layout, which is a great way to balance the summer sun. The windows let in the amazing view and the pool is the perfect destination for some summer fun.

50 S. Pointe Drive #1204-0

Best South Beach condos to live in this summer 2017

Another South Beach condo that offers the whole package is this four bed and four bath unit. There’s a great view, large balcony, and modern layout and color scheme. The modern kitchen has great flow for those looking to cook, and the living space is open enough for hosting guests. The bedrooms offer privacy and a personal view, making this South Beach condo a great option for someone wanting to get into the city for the summer or looking for a new experience as the weather warms up.

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