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Get Fit For the New Year with the Best Gyms in Miami Beach

Every year we all make fitness resolutions, whether we want to lose weight, get toned, or simply feel healthier. This year is no different than any other, I’m sure, especially since we live in Miami Beach where everyone wants to look good with their South Beach bodies. With 2017 in full gear, now’s the time to start getting fit for the New Year ahead. Take a look at our list for the best gyms in Miami Beach to get fit for the New Year. If you have any suggestions to add to the list, contact me, and I’ll make a round two post.

Crunch Alton Road


Crunch on Alton Road is a Miami Beach staple. The Crunch philosophy is based on no judgements; rather, they pride themselves in nurturing, encouraging, empowering, and entertaining their members. The brand has come a long way, since it started out at as a basement level aerobics studio in New York City’s East Village in 1989. Members enjoy that Crunch instructors and trainers make exercise fun and entertaining. The South Beach location offers an array of classes such as Yoga Therapy, Ripped Ride, AB Attack, and Washboard Abs. Amenities at the South Beach location include personal training, live DJ’s, full service locker rooms, ride studio, functional training, boxing, no long-term contracts, hundreds of classes, and more. Head on over to Crunch, and crunch like your life depends on it to get those classic washboard abs.

Orangetheory Fitness South Beach

Wise Cat Miami Beach Gyms

Orangetheory Fitness South Beach is part of the national Orangetheory chain. Orangetheory is known for its’ hour long interval workouts, which helps you burn calories for the next 36 hours.
Orangetheory offers one-of-a-kind personal group training workouts that are said to produce real results that you will love, such as an increase in energy, visible toning, and extra calories burn post workout. The hour long interval workouts are heart rate based interval training sessions. Members workout in the target heart rate zone for an hour, and post-workout, they will continue to burn calories based on the Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption theory. Each workout helps to burn 500 to 1,000 calories during each workout. Orangetheory Fitness South Beach Miami Beach has a great, professional staff that encourage you to strive your best to achieve your goals.

Equinox South Beach

Gym - Wise Cat - Miami Beach

Located in the famed Collins Avenue Shopping District, Equinox Miami Beach holds true to the standard of the Equinox brand. The South Beach location is the ideal blend of functionality, glamour, and beauty. Equinox South Beach serves as the leading wellness and health destination in Miami Beach. This gym features state-of-the-art-technology and exercise techniques to help avid athletes and beginners reach and surpass their fitness and exercise goals. Equinox Miami Beach offers hundreds of weekly classes, which are all taught by professional instructors. Additionally, members of Equinox can exercise their minds and souls in meditation spaces. Equinox South Beach members can also get beautiful on the outside, at the location’s luxury spa.

If you would like to workout at any of these gyms on a daily basis and make it part of your routine, then contact me at, and I will be more than happy to help you find the Miami Beach home or Miami Beach condo of your liking, so that you may live the coveted Miami Beach lifestyle.

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