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Miami + Miami Beach Mid Year Trend Analysis

Former Stock Broker and Hedge Fund Manager's Analysis of various Miami Real Estate Markets

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The Advantages of Living in a Single-Family Miami Beach Home


The advantages of living in single family home in Miami Beach are numerous. The term amenities is often associated with perks of living in a condo such as gyms, spas, and zero maintenance on the owners side; but, the term amenities can easily be used to describe a number of the benefits of living in a single-family home.

Read on to discover the advantages of single-family home living:



People take for granted many of the comforts of living in a single-family home. Having your own front and back yards, and the ability to park steps from your door or garage are unmatchable. Another comfort is never having to wait for an elevator or the concierge to pick up a package. Homes in Miami Beach often times offer gorgeous waterfront views as well as boat docks and ocean access.


Many people question security when living in a single-family home, but the issue of security can be easily solved. Many homeowners opt to live in gated communities with security guards present 24/7. Additionally, homeowners often put home security systems in their homes, and sign up for security services.


Living in single-family homes truly offers owners unprecedented privacy. Owners can come and go freely without ever bumping into their neighbors, and never have to deal with a doorman or concierge. There are less chances of being disturbed when living in a single-family house, because your home is situated on a lot surrounded by a fence, rather than having neighboring walls in a condo or apartment.

Total Control of Your Property


The biggest advantage of living in a single-family home is having the total control over the property to make changes or remodel as you see fit without the consent of others. As long as you take out the proper permits to begin work, you basically can remodel or update as you see fit.


Another advantage of owning a house is the extra indoor and outdoor space. Having more space is conducive to accommodating families through various phases of life. It also makes it easier to have pets, as pets need space to play and run freely without disturbing neighbors. Generally, houses have more storage space than condos, such as closets, attics, and garages. Having a backyard also gives owners space to create outdoor living and play areas. Additionally, backyards give homeowners the ability to create space within their home by using storage sheds in their backyards to store items currently not in use.

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