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Top 3 Family Friendly Restaurants in Miami Beach

For Miami Beach families with young children going out to eat can be a mission all in itself. Whether dealing with a picky-eater, a child with allergies, or a rambunctious child, some families opt to eating fast food or at home options. However, if you are longing to get out and try quality food, in a family-friendly environment, then you have come to the right spot to discover the top three Miami Beach family friendly restaurants.

Visa-01 Extraordinary Pizza

WiseCat Realtors - Pizza Miami Beach

Visa-01 Extraordinary Pizza is a trendy and modern conceptual pizzeria that Miami Beach residents can love. This pizzeria may not have a specific menu for children, but what do children love more than pizza? Often times, not much else. Traditional 13-inch pizzas are moderately priced, ranging from $9.90 to $13.90. Special 13-inch pizzas are also priced accordingly from $12.90 to $15.90. Kids are sure to love the classic Margherita, Bella Margherita, or Pepperoni. Adults will enjoy the higher-end options such as the Cantina 27 featuring San Marzano sauce, tuna, and onions, as well as the Jacqueline, which features San Marzano sauce, mozzarella, two eggs, black pepper, and white truffle oil. For the kids, and adults, with special dietary needs, pizza’s can be made with vegan cheese, at an additional cost. The menu also features extraordinary 13-inch pizzas, small 8-inch pizzas, antipasti & mozzarella, specialty salads, and a create-your-own-salad option.

Yardbird – Southern Table & Bar

Wise Cat Realtors - Miami Beach kid-friendly food

Yardbird – Southern Table & Bar does not fail expectations for some down-home southern cooking. This restaurant always creates a table full of happy and well-fed parents and kids. The menu, which showcases a little bit of everything, offers
small plates and shareable options, sandwiches, gourmet salads, and several different types of biscuits. Chicken is the staple at this Miami Beach restaurant. Chicken comes in three different styles – Chicken ‘n’ Waffles, Smoked BBQ Chicken, and Friend Chicken, which makes it easy for even the most pickiest eaters to find something to eat! Additionally Yardbird, serves rib and burger options. Menu prices range from $6 to $39.

Joe’s Stone Crab/Joe’s Take-Away

Wise Cat Realtors - Miami beach Food

Joe’s Stone Crab is more than just a world-renowned Miami Beach institution; it’s a place to dine with kids who will actually enjoy what they are eating. Patrons can choose to eat at the sit-down option, Joe’s Stone Crab, or next door at Joe’s Take Away. Kids of all ages love the variety of food choices and the array of desserts, from Key Lime Pie to huge chocolate chip cookies. If you and your family are the outdoorsy kind, get your favorite meal, and head on over to South Pointe Park of the beach for a picnic with a great view. Family-favorites include Joe’s classic fried chicken, sweet potato fries, and the burger options. Prices are moderate to expensive at Joe’s Stone Crab, and moderate at Joe’s Take-Away.

If you are interested in dining with your kids at any of these places and living the Miami Beach lifestyle, contact me at, and I’ll be more than happy to help you find the ideal Miami Beach home or Miami Beach condo for you and your family.

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