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Top Smart Home Entertainment Devices

June 13, 2018

top smart home entertainment

The growth of full home automation and rapid developments in wireless smart technology has led to an explosion in the range of smart home entertainment devices now available for building a truly connected viewing and listening experience.

When it comes to smart entertainment in the home, we’re talking about smart devices used during downtime such as audio + visual products, lighting, smart control devices, etc).

What are Smart Entertainment Devices?

Smart entertainment devices allow you to do really awesome things when it comes to enjoying, relaxing, and entertaining in your home.

The first premise of making your experience smart is the simplification of controlling your home entertainment experience as much as possible by giving you complete control of all of your media and devices through voice, app, and remote control wherever you are in your home. This makes for a fully accessible and connected environment throughout your entire smart home ecosystem.

From wireless Bluetooth audio systems and smart TVs, to mood-matching lighting and voice-activated control systems like the Amazon Echo that respond to your every entertainment-related command and need, home entertainment devices are becoming smarter and more intelligent than ever before.

Connected entertainment devices offer more than just simpler user interface and experience though, and with the latest smart devices looking to enhance your viewing and listening experience, implementing a smart home entertainment system in your house can transform the way you spend your downtime, whether that’s watching a movie, playing video games, listening to music, or entertaining family and friends.

Smart home entertainment devices also bring an increased level of home automation into the mix, with the ability to carry out certain tasks without any input from the user at all, for example automatically preparing the lighting and audio environment in your living room at a certain time of the day – perfect when you get home from work and want to kick back as soon as possible.

By bringing all of this smart entertainment technology together with a centralized smart hub, controller or bridge at the core of your device setup, and you’ll be able to integrate every element of your smart home – from lighting and security to music and video – in one seamless, intelligent and fully connected package.

Whether you’re looking to find a smart device solution for audio or visual entertainment, or are aiming to increase the ambient effect of the existing entertainment kit in your home, the latest connected devices have got you covered.

Smart Entertainment Control

Hubs and Device Control

Logitech Harmony Home Hub


Wink Hub 2

Samsung SmartThings Hub

Blumoo Smart Remote Control

Smart Home Entertainment Audio Devices

Smart Speaker Systems

Amazon Echo

Sonos Playbar

Denon HEOS 1 Wireless Speaker

Smart Home Entertainment Visual Devices

Smart TVs


LG 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Curved Smart OLED TV

Sony 48-Inch 1080p Smart LED TV

LG 43-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV

Smart Lighting

Smart Light Bulbs and Lamps

Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance Starter Kit

When it comes to the latest smart home entertainment devices, the latest audio and visual smart devices will ensure you never view (or listen) home entertainment in the same way again

Top Smart Home Entertainment Devices

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