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Trends to Make the Best of Your Kitchen

July 22, 2019

The following contribution is from another author.

Our kitchen can be so much more than just a functional space if done right. For many homeowners this becomes one of the key feature rooms of the house; whether it’s for cooking collaborations with your spouse, a glass of wine at the counter with friends, or entertaining guests at a dinner party. Generally, you probably spend more time in this room that you think. With this in mind, keeping things looking lovely will naturally be top of your to-do list. 

The primary function of the kitchen is of course cooking, yet if you have a space that’s somewhat unappealing to use, you might be restricting your culinary skills by opting for only speedy and convenient options. While there’s nothing wrong with this, with the right kitchen, you could increase your wellbeing in finding more of an interest in different recipes, nutrition, and because you’ll be more likely to cook for guests too. 

Cooking for others has been linked to having some really worthy psychological benefits for our health. As well as this, one study cited in Science News reported that those who cook at home more often will tend to have healthier diets overall, as opposed to those who regularly eat out. 

With these fab benefits in mind, let’s explore some interior design trends that you can consider to make the best of your kitchen. 

Wooden Cabinets & Flooring 

We’ve seen white kitchens trending for a long while, yet now it seems that wood is making a comeback! Oak wood, darker greens and blues are making their way onto our radar this year. Oak is very durable and long-lasting, plus it creates a very sleek and elegant look -effortlessly. If you’re looking for oak wood cabinets, it’s a good idea to look out for companies who have sourced the wood sustainably. Perhaps companies which are supplied from forests that have replanting rules, for instance. 


If you want to be on-trend and help to protect the environment, then you’re in luck! As earth-friendly lifestyles become more and more critical, we can see these trends mirrored in the world of design. When you are choosing your utensils, you’ll want to go for wooden over plastic. With your fabrics look for hemp, which uses must less water than cotton, as a crop, and also helps to remove carbon monoxide from the air as it grows. 

Try to look out for natural and ethically sourced materials when you are making purchases for your accessories such as bamboo or seagrass. In addition to this, use plants to decorate and to cleanse your air inside. Beautiful plants for the kitchen include White Jasmine, Aloe Vera or perhaps an English Ivy?

As well as these ideas, you can look into investing in more earth-friendly appliances. Eco-kettles, for example, work on the principle that people will often overestimate the amount of water that they need to boil. The eco-kettle more accurately measures this so that nothing is wasted. You can also look into electric composters; these devices will recycle organic materials and turn them into a fertilizer or soil conditioner for your garden. 

Having eco-friendly appliances in your kitchen can also serve as natural reminders to be-greener in your habits throughout the rest of the house. It might be using less water to shower, or grocery shopping in zero-waste stores. 

Farmhouse Sinks 

These beautiful sinks are primarily defined by the fact that the front of the sink is exposed rather than restricted inside the kitchen counter. These are much deeper and bigger than conventional sinks, and partly for this reason, they have gained popularity. It’s easier to lean over and wash the dishes, and you can wash larger pots and pans inside them too. 

Style-wise, these pieces really stand out as a stunning kitchen feature that really draws the eye. Annie and Oak Gray Farmhouse Sinks, are a gorgeous example that could be a great focal point for a kitchen. Perhaps you’ll even come to enjoy doing the dishes with one of these! 

Patterned Floors 

Patterned floors in kitchens are taking the design world by storm! While dark colors like grays, blacks and navy blues are dominating the trend, there’s no reason why you can’t brave some brighter colors if that’s what you want. Ensure that you are matching your cabinets and accessories so that everything is complimentary. If you go for a patterned floor, you may likely want to keep the rest of your colors in neutral tones so that you don’t overwhelm your space. 

Pastel Green 

While dark green counters and cabinets have been gaining popularity fast, this cheeky and more summery shade has been getting some attention too! The color green is symbolic of growth, freshness and harmony, so getting some of this positive energy in your home could do wonders! It is widely regarded to be a very relaxing color for our eyes to view and can help promote a sense of calm. 

If you have a smaller kitchen, you may not be sold on the darker color trends that could make your space seem to shrink. If this is the case, a cute pastel green revamp could be for you! You probably won’t need many accessories for this beautiful color really speaks for itself. 

If you’re looking to make renovations, it’s a good idea to decide on solid color schemes, themes and must-haves before you start making any purchases. With interior design, if you spend a little time planning, you’re more likely to get some truly stunning results. Our homes can vastly increase our sense of clarity and day-to-day fulfillment; if we create them into spaces that reflect our personalities and desired lifestyles. 

Why not work on choosing your features, appliances and accessories as a household or as a family? This could be a great creative project to complete together no matter what season it is.With a few renovations, hacks and purchases you’ll soon been partying in your kitchen or cooking up a storm! 

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