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Ways to Celebrate Earth Day in Miami Beach

Our planet is our home, and it must be celebrated and taken care of. Earth provides with an inhabitable land, and has given us such beautiful places to live such as Miami Beach. We often take for granted of just how lucky we are to live on such a beautiful planet. Earth Day is the perfect day to realize just how lucky we are, and celebrate our home. Take a look at some fantastic ways to celebrate Earth Day in Miami Beach, and give a little love to our home.

Celebrate Earth Day in Miami Beach

Make Your Miami Beach Waterfront Home or Condo More Energy Efficient

Miami Beach - Earth Day - Wise Cat Realtors

Nowadays, most Miami Beach waterfront homes or condos are energy efficient. However, as a Miami Beach resident, you can do even more to your Miami Beach waterfront property to make it even more energy efficient. Electricity is a marvelous invention that is used for everything from cooling and lighting to more. In the US alone, over 40% of energy consumed occurs at residential and commercial buildings. There are so many ways that you can cut down on energy consumption at home with improvements to insulation, windows, and water heaters, as well as by using LED lighting. You will not only help make the environment a little better, but you will also save some money in the long run.

Plant a Garden

WiseCats - Plant A Garden - Miami Beach - Earth Day

Miami Beach has beautiful weather, almost all year long. Might as well get out there and enjoy the beautiful weather the most that you can. Plant a garden, in your back yard or in small pots on your balcony. You can plant some flowers, herbs, plants, or even some trees. Not only will you enjoy fresh basil from your garden, you’ll also be helping to produce more oxygen into the environment, and creating fresher air for all of humanity.


Miami Beach - Compost - Earth Day - Wise Cats

If you live in a Miami Beach home, it is easy to start composting! By composting you are helping to recycle. When you compost you are recycling what you have created and/or use. In other words, that means that there are lots of nourishing substances that could otherwise feed wildlife and plant life, but sadly end up in landfills to rot. Compost biodegradable food and materials, is not only a great way to feed soil and plant life, but also helps to reduce waste in our landfills.

Miami Beach Clean Up

Miami Beach - Earth Day - Clean Up - Wise Cats

What better way than Earth Day to get outside and clean up Miami Beach?! I couldn’t think of any better way of celebrating Earth Day than by giving a clean sweep of our gorgeous beach. Get a trash bag, disposable gloves, and/or a trash picker, and head out to the beach early. People often times take advantage of the beach and our ocean, and let trash fly away or pile up. So, help do you part in keeping our beaches clean, our planet healthy, and the lives of countless animals intact.

Miami Beach Living

Nothing really compares to living in Miami Beach. Our city is such a vibrant and beautiful place to live, which offers residents access to gorgeous surf, sand, and views. Now’s the time to move to Miami Beach. If you are interested in seeing any of the numerous fantastic waterfront homes or condos that Miami Beach has to offer, than contact me at, and together we can find you the perfect Miami Beach property to meet your lifestyle and needs.

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